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About This Project

This project is an effort to help small businesses that are struggling with the economic shutdown to the point that they are accepting donations just to keep afloat until such a time as they can reopen.

At the risk of stating the obvious, this whole thing sucks. It sucks for the business as well as the people that work for them. And when I started hearing business owners saying that they may not be able to stay in business through this without some help, it got me even more concerned than I already was.

The final straw was seeing that businesses were starting up GoFundMe pages in order to accept donations. It was that that got me thinking that there may be something I could do to help. Make it easier for those business to find donars. This is something that I have the ability to do, and all it costs me is the effort to build it.

My company, DPoisn LLC, is a web development and hosting company local to the Hamilton Twp area. I had already built many of the modules that make this site function. I have a whole lot of projects out there in the wild. In order to build this site, I just merged together the modules that I needed. And since the system to host this stuff exist as part of my company anyway, I'm just using resources I have available.

As such, I really am doing this project as a courtesy. No cost. No fees. The site itself is a donation. I am not asking anything in return. My hope is that some of our local businesses will be able to use this resource for the purpose intended, and be here to serve the public again once the shutdown is finally over.

If even one company uses this site to that capacity, I will feel that my effort was worth something.

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How does this work?

We are not in the business of taking donations on behalf of any local businesses. We are serving as a central gathering point where businesses can post that they are seeking donations. It is up to them to manage their own donations from that point.

If you are business that is actively accepting donations, you will have to set up your own GoFundMe, or some other means of collecting those donations, and provide that information here.

You start buy going to the Submission page, and entering your business information. Once we review the submission we will make it live for the public to see.

Be sure you have your information ready. You are responsible for your own donations. You will need to have a GoFundMe or something similar. You can even have something on your own site. That part is up to you.

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