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This site is purely for informational purposes. We make no claims of success and offer no warranty. We take no responsibility for what happens when you donate to any business. Such transactions are done off this system entirely and are at your own risk.

All the companies that we link to and reference from this site are their own entities and are not, in any way, connected to DPoisn LLC.

Data submitted to the site is the responsibility of the owner of that business. We will do our best to weed out lousy information or those that look like scams. Whatever donations you make are your responsibility and at your own risk.

More Terms and conditions will go here, once we write them.

Suspension or termination
If you fail to follow any term and condition, services will be terminated with notice. Notice of suspension/termination will be sent to the email associated with the account. On termination, all information including data from the website will be deleted.

DPoisn LLC is not responsible for information collected by third parties via banner ads or any other external links.

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