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(last update: 2023-12-05)

Welcome... Due to the COVID-19 virus and the subsequent shut down of the economy, many local businesses are struggling to survive. Even if they are able to stay open (like some restaurants doing take out), many are not able to make enough money to pay their rent, or their employees, or even their insurance.

It occurred to us that not all business are able to get the word out that they are seeking help. So this site was built as a place where you could join other local businesses and hopefully help draw attention to the need for support.

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For those that wish to submit their business for inclusion on the site

Click the button below and fill out the form. Please have the following information ready:

  • Contact information
  • Logo graphic
  • Donation methods (GoFundMe, Web site, etc)

Your application will be reviewed.  It will not be visible to the public until information is verified.

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For those that wish to donate

Click the button below to get started. All businesses on the directory have been verified as legitimately in need of help.

If you don't have a particular business in mind, feel free to browse the directory.

Remember to also see the Resources page for more donation ideas.

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About Us

minion is a local web development and hosting company in Hamilton, NJ. Since the facilities to build and host a site like this are essentially already paid for, this project is being done as a courtesy. It is also being done for no profit. It is itself a donation. It is here with the intention of helping. We don't even have ads running on it.

Our intention here is to create a single place for people to find local businesses and donate to them in order to help them survive until such a time as the economy reopens.

How does this work?
We are not in the business of taking donations on behalf of any local businesses. We are serving as a central gathering point where businesses can post that they are seeking donations. It is up to them to manage their own donations from that point.

If you are business that is actively accepting donations, you will have to set up your own GoFundMe, or some other means of collecting those donations, and provide that information here.

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